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Thursday, August 24, Pittsford, NY
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Welcome Raedwald Howland-Bolton!

The Crawdiddies are again a four piece outfit. We are honored to be joined by the new diddy, Raedwald Howland Bolton, from Ithaca, NY.

Raed is a former band mate with Dave and Jay. They played together in the group, Ancient Youth in 2008. Raed blends well with the Crawdiddy feel, and also adds a new dimension to our sound and groove.

Raed came along just in time, as the Crawdiddies recorded “live” in the studio of for the 100th installment of the Jump Blues show. It’ll be aired on Tuesday, August 1st at 9-11pm. The entire broadcast will be added to the collection of ALL the Jump Blues installments. The show is hosted by David Ziebarth.

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