The Crawdiddies are a band on a mission. The goal? To find your heart string that shares the resonant frequency of your tailfeather and pluck it!

And pluck they do. Using traditional acoustic instruments, the Crawdiddies conjure an exciting musical experience. Drawing from several troves of American roots music including Delta Blues, Appalachian Old-Time, Bluegrass, and R&B, they are equally at home on stage or around the camp fire.

A staple of the Rochester scene, the Crawdiddies - Washboard Dave, Banjo Ben, and Bassman Jay Chaffee - have created bluesy grooves all over the area from Lovin’ Cup to Hose 22, Abilene and The Lilac Festival, and many private events.

“The whole band has a genuine casualness to it, which ultimately gets under collars and skin until you can’t resist any longer.”
— Frank DeBlase (Rochester City Newspaper)

Jay Chaffee — (Upright Bass) originally played for years in the heavy metal field until he discovered Bluegrass and Blues. He then traded his electric for an upright Bass, and is well known in the community for his solid timing.

“Washboard Dave” Paprocki — (Washboard Rig) has played percussion in several bands including the Cajun/Zydeco band “Chanka Chank”. He is first place winner in Rochester’s 2012 Best Busker contest! He adds a unique sound and a great sense of humor.

“Banjo Ben” Haravitch - (Banjo/Guitar/Vocals) is a long-time appreciator of American music and the powerful role it has played in bringing together the lives of those who have come before us. On the banjo he strives for a sound that represents the musically fertile Finger Lakes region. He frails, he picks, he plays tasty licks.