Album Release - Signal in the Static

The Signal is here. We are extremely excited to release our new album. It has been a couple years in the making, and we hope it will be many more in the playing. Signal in the Static, an all original album is an expression of the active heartbeat in the Rochester music scene. Fully funded by fans, family, and friends, this music springs from connection in the community. Here’s what some reviewers are saying:

“The Crawdiddies are reigniting Americana and Blues throughout Rochester and beyond with their latest, “Signal in the Static.” Banjo picks and licks dance around lead singer Heather Taylor’s soulful and beckoning trills. On his creative palette of percussion, Washboard Dave gives significant texture and pulse. His thimbled-fingers dance between washboard and bell, while full-bodied bass pulls you into your feet and hips. Soul sweats, joy lifts and it’s pretty hard not to dance to these guys.”
Tyler Pearce, Rochester CITY Newspaper

“The Crawdiddies is the type of band that transcends the limits of a descriptive chronology... All 12 cuts on this album are timeless sing-alongs — like “Peppermint Tea” — and really provide a contemporary lilt for fans out there that don’t know they’re fans yet. Signal in the Static should adequately right that wrong quick-like. Here’s their chance.”
Frank DeBlase, Rochester CITY Newspaper

“The twelve songs on “Signal in the Static” are a gift. Sometimes playful as in Peppermint Tea, sometimes soulful as in Peace and Harmony, The Crawdiddies play with a Grateful Dead bounce, a touch of Beatle nuance but rooted in some of the most traditional American music, Country/Blues and Folk.”
Jerry Falzone, Fandango at The Tango

We hope to see you at one of our shows soon!

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